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Welcome to the East Ridge Seventh-day Adventist Church.

We are a congregation of Christians passionate about sharing the Gospel of Christ and His end-time message with our family, friends, and neighbors. We believe the Gospel is much more than simply forgiveness for our sins. It is also the presence of Christ in our lives each day to guide us, comfort us, and prepare us for His soon coming.


Our mission is to be an evangelistic congregation committed to a heart‐changing church and life experience. Our church services and evangelistic outreaches will have clear, powerful Biblical messages and outstanding music. Visitors will be greeted warmly and personal contact will be established with them. Our aim is to maintain an evangelistically‐minded church the entire year.


The entire church family is encouraged to be actively engaged in the ministry of the church. We all have unique spiritual gifts and abilities that need to be cultivated, nurtured, and utilized with fellow believers.


We invite you to come and grow with us as we prepare and work for our Lordʹs soon return.



The East Ridge Church meets in-person every Saturday

at 10:00 am for Sabbath School

and at 11:00 am for Worship

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