Mask Requirements Changing

This Sabbath (May 1, 2021), the sanctuary will become a mask-optional area, and the fellowship hall will become mask required. There will a couple of rows for those who only want to sit next to someone with a mask, and the fellowship hall is open for mask only worshipping as well. 

Additionally, there will be some changes to the Sabbath School class locations. 

There will be a new believer’s class, in their former classroom, mask required. 

The class that was in the sanctuary will now be in the fellowship hall, mask required. 

The class that had been meeting in the fellowship hall, will be in the sanctuary, mask optional. 

Young adults will continue as they have been. 

The collegiate will meet in the classroom near the water fountain.

Church Reopening

After much prayer, we have decided to reopen the church building this Sabbath, Sept. 12th for worship and Sabbath School.

Sabbath School will start at 10:00 - 10:45

Church service will start around 11:00

This week, the sermon will be preached in the sanctuary, and streamed into the fellowship hall. We are exploring alternating where the preacher speaks from Sabbath by Sabbath.

We are asking that masks be worn, in the hallways, classrooms, and sanctuary. Masks need not be worn in the fellowship hall. We are trying to accommodate as many perspectives as we can, while working toward keeping unity within the church.